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Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital that provides exceptional medicine, surgery and preventative pet care to dogs, cats and other small animals. You will find the finest hospital facilities and caring, skilled veterinary team to help your pet at our animal hospital.

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Regular Wellness Exams

Pets age much more quickly than us humans. The general rule of thumb is that dogs age...

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Vaccinations are an essential component to prevention of many diseases in pets and...

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Are you surprised to learn that 80% of pets have dental disease by the age of four...

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Many animals are affected by skin diseases. This can often result in very itchy...

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A very interesting and unique feature of the eye is that most of the ocular structures...

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Surgical Services

Here at Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital we are experienced and fully equipped to handle...

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Medical Imaging

We use the latest technology in digital imaging for both whole body and dental x-ray...

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We know pet emergencies are unexpected and often very stressful...

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